A Month Of Recipes

Our biggest challenge in this business of taste sensations, is getting people to experience our product. We’ve been working hard over the last year to do just that. We’ve been to countless markets, events and shows, and have poured thousands of samples for new-found friends. Our Shrubs and Bitters have been winning people over one glass at a time.

In response to the question of “What can your Shrub be used for?”, we set out on a mission to post a new recipe each day throughout January, calling it simply, A Month Of Recipes.  It was a wonderful exercise and great to have our customers contribute their recipes as well.

Here’s a recap:


Jan 1 – Easy Mary Cocktail

Jan 2 – Cassis Royale

Jan 3 – Pear Honey Ginger tea

Jan 4 – Smoky Peach Lavender Margaritas

Jan 5 – Apple Coriander Maple French Toast


Jan 6 – Old Fashioned…Spruced up

Jan 7 – Roasted Delicata And Acorn Squash With Apple Coriander Maple Shrub Fresh Thyme And Sage

Jan 8 – 221b Warren Street Cocktail

Jan 9 – The Garden Party (version 1)

Jan 10 – Root and Branch

Jan 11 – The Hudson Standard Hot Toddy

Jan 12 – Kale Salad with Cassis Berry Shrub Dressing

Jan 13 – Peach Sour Beer

Jan 14 – Pear Honey Ginger Duck Sauce

Jan 15 – Apple Bob Beer Cocktail

Jan 16 – Switch Up

Jan 17 – Rita Shrub

Jan 18 – The Garden Party (version 2)


Jan 19 – Biscuits with Spicy Switchel Glaze

Jan 20 – The Hudson Wash Cocktail

Jan 21 – The Late English Breakfast

Jan 22 – The Old Hudson Cocktail

Jan 23 – Celery Spritzer

Jan 24 – The Calm and The Storm Cocktail


Jan 25 – Waffles and Blueberry Sauce

Jan 26 – Out Of Towner Cocktail

Jan 27 – The Candied Apple Cocktail

Jan 28 – Aphrodite’s Oyster Mignonette

Jan 29 – Spiced Apple Toddy

Jan 30 – Asian Noodle Bowl

Jan 31 – The Infinite Potential


Bonus Recipe – Moscow On The Hudson



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