Valentine’s Day Cocktails


We’ve done extensive nocturnal research on our Love-Struck Bitters, and can absolutely conclude that yes, they work! Those naughty Romans who, long, long ago, discovered that a combination of hyssop, thyme, peppercorn and ginger were an effective aphrodisiac, no doubt, had conducted similar experiments.

Here are just a few of the things that have happened since The Hudson Standard Love-Struck Bitters were introduced this past year to a peckish and itchy market:

♥ Dramatic drop in couch sleeping

♥ Dramatic rise in room service

♥ Massive downloads of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with a young Paul Newman

♥ Bitters-to-Bed replaces Farm-to-Table

♥ Dogs and cats don’t fight anymore

♥ Global warming (sorry.)


Ready to conduct your own experiment?

Here’s a few Valentine’s Day Cocktails featuring Love-Struck Bitters to get you started:


-2 oz. Berkshire Mountain Distillers whiskey

-2-3 dashes of Hudson Standard Love-Struck Bitters

Combine all ingredients in a rocks glass with Ice. Stir, enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.52.01 AM

(Download this image as use as a recipe card)


-2 oz. Gin

-1/2 oz. Hudson Standard Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub

-1 Tsp. Simple Syrup

-1-2 Dashes Hudson Standard Love-Struck Bitters

-3 oz. Club Soda

-1 Maraschino Cherry + Orange Twist

Combine first four ingredients in a Collins glass. Stir, add club soda, top with maraschino cherry and orange twist. Enjoy!


-2 oz. Ransom (Old Tom) Gin

-1/2 oz. Hudson Standard Cassis Berry Shrub

-1/4 oz. Simple Syrup

-1/2 oz. Half And Half

-1 Large Egg White

-2 oz. Club Soda

-1 Orange Twist

Combine first five ingredients in a shaker. Fill with ice and shake vigorously. Pour into chilled Collins glass, add club soda. Top with twist of orange and serve.


-3 oz. Tuthilltown Single Malt Whiskey

-1/2 oz. Hudson Standard Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub

1/2 Tsp. Delaware Phoenix Walton Waters Absinthe

-2 Dashes Hudson Standard Love-Struck Bitters

-1 Sugar Cube

-Twist of Lemon

Muddle sugar cube in highball glass. Stir first four ingredients with ice in a separate glass, then strain into highball glass. Top with twist of lemon. Serve.


-3 oz. Pisco

-1 oz. Simple Syrup

-1/2 oz. Hudson Standard Peach Lavender Shrub

-1/4 oz. Lime Juice

-1 Large Egg White

-2 Dashes Hudson Standard Love-Struck Bitters 

Combine all all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and serve in a chilled rocks glass.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.51.18 AM

(Download this image as use as a recipe card)


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