Simple Everyday Recipes

Strawberry Sparkler

A delicious holiday season batched mocktail for kids & teetotalers. (Serves 12)

The Hudson Hamilton

A bright berry blend that playfully honors our favorite founding father.

Three Pines Shrub Soda

Drink your trees!

Upstate Collins

The perfect summer beverage for a picnic!

Celestial Sparkler

A bright berry bit of bubbly

Cassis Mulled Wine

A juicy and warming remedy for the winter blues


A ginger cocktail to cure what ails

The Blood Moon

An homage to the lunar eclipse

Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Bourbon and applejack give heft to the brightness of this shrub.

Light Shrub Cocktail

Perfect harmony in the afternoon or with a light dinner.

Shrub “Adult” Soda

No booze but you want a complex and satisfying drink?

Hudson Derby

A playfully delicious take on the classic southern peach based drink.

Out of Towner

This one is a smokey sensation of chili, mescal, tequila and Pear Honey Ginger Shrub.

Turmeric Toddy aka The Winter Walk

Our famous winter walk hot toddy, now available all!

Champagne Mule

Bubbly with a bite

Cocktail Recipes

Harvest Punch

A cornucopia of flavors, this batched cocktail hits all the notes of an autumnal harvest. (Serves 12)

The Isabel

A cocktail to honor Hudson Valley art, history and hearsay

The Red Wedding

When you play the Game of Thrø might need this cocktail!

Spring Fever

A cocktail inspired by the birds & the bees

Cassis Cosmo

Shake up the party with this spin on a classic

Winter Crown

A Boreal blend of balsam and bubbly

Le Rouge

a self care cocktail

CBD Negroni

A chill cocktail for a sunny afternoon

Kelly Miller Manhattan

A sophisticated evening cocktail with a bite

Dark 'N' Stormy

Honey, ice, ginger & spice

The Bee's Knees

A sweet & tart burst of springtime

Pimm's Cup No. 23

Spicy ginger heat, cooling cucumber and a dash of citrus

Next Level Gin & Tonic

A G&T kicked up a notch

The Very Jolly Ranchero

A juicy taste of summer with calming CBD

Ginger Frost

Rye whiskey gets a spicy ginger kick!

Hudson Mule

A spicy ginger classic with a turmeric twist.

Southern Belle

What Blanche Dubois would drink on a hot southern night.

Hot Toddy

A spicy fruity take on a comforting winter classic.

The Double Standard

Sparkling juicy drink perfect for any occasion.

Catskill Mountain Old Fashioned

A satisfying, aromatic take on a classic

Strawberry Margarita

A sweet and tart delight that holds the essence of early summer.

Next Level Ginger Beer

Spicy Turmeric Switchel gives this fizzy drink an extra kick

Root and Branch

Barrel aged gin is in heaven paired with pear honey ginger shrub

Royal Street Roffignac

A Mardi Gras classic from the streets of New Orleans

Cassis Colada

A new take on vacation classic

Hudson Greyhound

Dry and citrusy

The Hudson Rogue

A dark seductive elixir

Mai Tai Masala

Upstate retro Mai Tai time!

Currant Crush (Mocktail)

A yummy non-alcoholic treat

The Witch's Nip

A dark juicy witchy delight

Wicked Switchel

Spicy and sweet, refreshing thirst quencher

Shrub Cherries

Make your own cocktail or food condiment-shrub cherries!

The Lone Pine Hill

Full of "northeastern citrus" aka conifers, a sensory walk through the woods

The Olympian

Run the extra mile with this special cocktail

Upstate Mojito

A summer classic, upstate NY style

The Hudson Shandy

A ripe sparkling juice bomb

Summer's End

We celebrated the close of Labor Day with a LABOR DAY SUNSET. It's a simply mixed cocktail that toasts the flavors of the summer with all the color that Autumn will bring.

The Stormy Winter

Our spicy take on the classic dark and stormy

The Winter Grove

A decadent citrus and snowy woods filled draught

The Persephone

The princess of spring's cocktail of choice

The Red Maiden

A Black Currant filled delight

Amor + Psyche

The perfect valentines day cocktail

The Evergreen

A bright cocktail with perky citrus notes and deep, woodsy aromatics.

The Guillotine

A supernatural spin on the French 75

Mezcal Mule

Add some smoke to a classic mule

Raspberry Ricky

A bright and tart berry of a cocktail

Raspberry Negroni

A classic with a boozy, berry blend

Hudson Nog

A rich and warming wintry cocktail

Raspberry Ricky

Sipping on summer vibes

Taiga Tonic

A resonant and woodsy elixir

Irish Haze

Make your own luck with this dreamy take on an Irish Coffee

Culinary Recipes

Chinese Cabbage Salad

Lovely fall flavors with hints of Asian spice.

Savory Strawberry Shortcake

Savory riff of classic American treat.

Chicken with Shrub Gastrique

So easy and quick pan-glazed meal.

Duck with Cassis Berry Sauce

Classic duck sauce without having to use fresh fruit!


Tangy, sweet, summertime dessert and year-round palate cleanser.

Caramelized Brussel Sprouts with Pear Honey Ginger Shrub

The best way you could ever eat Brussel Sprouts