Shrubs originate from a Colonial American tradition of blending fruit, spice, vinegar and sweetener to make a tart and delicious syrup. Our shrubs make fantastic cocktail mixers, or when combined with seltzer, a refreshing natural soda. All of our shrubs use a base of organic apple cider vinegar, real fruit and botanicals, and natural organic sweetener.


Our bitters are produced almost entirely from local ingredients from New York’s Hudson Valley. Our focus is on extracting the bright clear expressions of the individual elements and we use absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavorings. All of our bitters use a base of high proof organic cane alcohol.

Small Batch Shrubs (8 oz.)

Our Limited Edition “Small Batch” Shrubs are currently available only through our website. These new flavors are bolder and more adventurous. Raise your glass!

1 Liter Shrubs

Introducing our 1 Liter bottles. Perfect for parties, bars and restaurant use. 

Gift Boxes

4 oz. sample size of Strawberry  Rhubarb, Spicy Turmeric and Peach Lavender. Includes 6 recipes and fun information.

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